Крепление для 3-го и 4-го велосипеда на дверь багажника Mercedes

Артикул: B66560457
Группа: Mercedes

Дополнительное расширение для велосипедного багажника на заднюю дверь, позволяющее перевозить до 4-х велосипедов сзади автомобиля.

Replacement of closing parts with extension kit for rear-mounted bicycle rack. When fitting extension kit for rear-mounted bicycle rack, the latch strikers on the tailgate must be replaced if Code WY5 is not fitted. If they are not replaced, the level of the tailgate will lower and it will damage the paintwork along the load sill. Ensure that when fitting the extension kit you also order the following parts: 2x A639 766 0262, 2x A639 766 0462 and 8x N000 000 001 146.
If more than two cycles are to be carried, attach the first and second cycles to the frame of the rear-mounted bicycle rack. The third cycle is attached to the first and the fourth to the second using the spacers supplied. Spacers for large frame cross-sections may also be required.

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    Крепления для велосипеда

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